TRP User Guide

The vision behind the Timbers Reciprocity Program (TRP) is one of simplicity and ease of use. In fact, our motto is Simplicity in Reciprocity. Through this transparent, user-friendly website, Owners are able to trade time at their home resort for time at other properties within the portfolio. Each Timbers Resorts destination is considered equal in luxury, service and amenities.

To arrange trades, follow the two quick and easy steps below. 

Deposit a Week

  1. Log in to your Timbers Collection account.
  2. Click "Deposit a Week" from the "Timbers Reciprocity Program" menu.
  3. Select the property where you are an Owner and click continue.
  4. From the "Reservation Week" dropdown menu, select which of your Planned Weeks you'd like to deposit.  The weeks are noted Prime, Choice and Select; see "Helpful Hints" below for further explanation.
  5. From the "Residence Type" dropdown menu, select what type of unit you are depositing.

Note: A Reservation Manager must verify your deposit. You will receive email verification within 48 hours. 

Withdraw a Week

  1. Log in to your Timbers Collection account.
  2. Select "Search Availability" from the "Timbers Reciprocity Program" menu. Here you can look at all available weeks or narrow the search results by property name, arrival month, week classification or bedrooms. Please remember that the classification (Prime, Choice, or Select) of the week you reserve must be of the correct level determined by your credits available. See “Helpful Hints”.
  3. To select the week you would like to reserve, click “Withdraw” in the Actions column. 
  4. On a secure page you will confirm the reservation and credit week you would like to use, and pay the $250 facilitation fee by credit card.
  5. Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email and the Concierge at the property you selected will contact you to discuss your pre-arrival needs and help you plan your vacation.

Note: If you do not see the "Withdraw" option in the Actions column while searching for availability, it may be because your deposit week has not been approved yet.  This option will be available within 48 hours of your deposit.

Helpful Hints
Weeks are categorized into three levels, based on seasonality: Prime, Choice and Select. Prime weeks appear in red, Choice weeks appear in blue, and Select weeks appear in green.  Prime weeks may be exchanged for Prime, Choice and Select weeks.  Choice weeks may be exchanged for Choice and Select weeks. Select weeks are shoulder-season weeks and may only be traded for other Select weeks.

TRP Members can view all available weeks for every Timbers Collection destination at any time.

There is no fee to deposit weeks, only a $250 to withdraw a week and complete the trade.

Upon deposit, you have two years to reserve a comparable week from the TRP Trade Pool and make plans to experience the distinct amenities, breathtaking settings and unique activities of other Timbers Collection destinations.

Weeks may not be deposited less than sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

There is a cap in place so that only 14 of the same week at any given club may be deposited into TRP. 

You can reserve time at another property after you have deposited a week at your home resort into the TRP Trade Pool.

All weeks are traded on a one to one ratio regardless of unit size or location.

If you have any questions about TRP, please visit our FAQ page, call 877.877.4405 or email [email protected].