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Navigating the healthcare system is complex but it’s even more challenging when you’re traveling away from home. When a family’s vacation is suddenly interrupted by a serious medical event, you’re left scrambling, afraid, and outside of your comfort zone trying to find the right help and best solution.

Count on PinnacleCare, the leading concierge health advisory firmfor guidance and support when you need it the most.

Families recognize the invaluable service PinnacleCare provides in the realm of personalized health, delivering proactive plans for the best healthcare experiences, as well as for emergency medical support both at home and abroad. Your personal PinnacleCare health advisor, backed by an entire team of medical experts, is there 24/7/365 to counter any medical emergency or caregiving need you may require, ensuring your family’s best health and wellbeing.

No longer do your aging parents need to be concerned about traveling because of a chronic medical condition or appropriate caregiver support, nor do you need to be worried about your children or grandchildren having a skiing accident while on holiday. 

Timbers Collection Members receive exclusive pricing on PinnacleCare Memberships. Learn first-hand how PinnacleCare works to impact the lives of its Members every day!

What You Get:

Timbers Collection Members receive a 25% discount off PinnacleCare set-up fees – an approximate savings of $1,500.

How to Get Set Up:

Please contact Rebecca Bux at [email protected] or call 443-874-5932 to get started.